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Jacket leather For Richard Valentine

Original art


A passion for art rooted in genes, in childhood.
Yoni Lallouche alias Youns, present in the Contemporary Art since 4 years has become a reference for aficionados of street-art microcosm. In the suburbs of Paris 95, his eyes are tirelessly on the graffiti that stamp his daily life.

During train travel, he observes the tags that punctuate his way to the capital, he analyzes and decrypts them. He notes those who resist longer, those who disappear. The attraction for this artistic expression is built around the vivacity of the colors, the play of shadows and the graphic character. Then it’s in adolescence that everything rocks for the French-Israeli …
A tragic event shakes Yoni.
At the age of 16, one of his friends makes tags and is unfortunately victim of a train accident, Yoni learns that he is amputated of his leg.
To support him, Yoni buys his first Posca and immortalizes his first graffiti.

This is how his friends call him “Youns”. Arty alter ego to whom he owes his current artist’s name.Read more